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Art Pad & Finger Paint Bundle

Art Pad & Finger Paint Bundle

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Artsy bundle with child-safe scissors and glue!

Art Pad: These art pads, with a recycled paper content of 30%, are printed with vegetable based ink. Safe and healthy for the environment, our art pads are designed to stimulate a child’s creativity and sense of discovery. The comical illustrations on the cover and inspiring quotes on the back of the pad encourage a delightful and engaging exploration of a child’s originality and imagination.

Child-Safe Scissors: These kid-safe scissors have blunt ends to prevent accidents while youngsters use them, though they cut paper perfectly. Using scissors is a skill that develops fine motor skills and coordination. These scissors are intended to be used by children 4 years old and up.

School Glue: Non toxic “school glue” in 1.25 oz dispenser bottle. Bonds paper and cloth. Clean up with a damp cloth before glue dries. 

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