Coast Guard Boat

Coast Guard Boat

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Coast Guard Boat by Plan Toys

A wood toy that can go int h water! Protect the shores and rescue those stuck out at sea with this fun floating bath toy!

Stimulate interactive and imaginative play. Ages 12 months and up.

Dimensions :

cm 8.5 x 12 x 5.5

inch 3.4 x 4.7 x 2.2



Imagination is symbolic representation, the use of concepts and images to evoke or represent real-world entities, or the use of one set of real-world entities to evoke others (e.g. as when a child uses a banana as a phone in pretend play).

Language & Communication

Including development of an ability to listen, to understand what is said, and to speak to others. The ability to see and understand the use of conversation, written language and to write and read Language is a learned code, or system of rules that enables children to communicate ideas and express wants and needs.