Aeroplane Rainbow

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Aeroplane Rainbow

Build, rearrange and fly with this colourful aeroplane from Ostheimer. This wooden toy aeroplane is made up of 17 blocks, each one brightly painted in a different color, with some featuring little windows. The plane also has a spinning propeller, and wheels to allow it to be pushed across the floor. Children will love building this aeroplane and finding new ways to piece it together before taking to the skies on a mini adventure, or pushing it around the floor using the attached wheels. Made from sustainable plywood, the natural wood texture has a smooth finish and will appeal to children's senses. This wooden aeroplane is perfect for children who like to build and play and will go great with other open-ended toys.

Schematic play: this toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema - balancing, sorting and stacking toys and objects in particular order or place.

Materials: sustainable plywood.

Size: 19.68" x 17.32" x 7.87"

Recommended Age: 3 years +