Glitter Felt Ball Garland Kit

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Glitter Felt Ball Garland Kit

Great for Pom Pom Party Decor on metallic thread with craft wool felted balls.

A modern and glittery felt ball garland in our favorite

metallic glitter colors...

Decorate your child's room, baby nursery or maybe just a bland wall

or shelf that needs a splash of sparkle!

This felt ball garland comes as a kit and ready to be strung to your liking. Each kit includes the following:
- 18 regular wool felt balls = 9 White Felt Balls + 9 Felt balls that best match the glitter ball color you selected.
- 10 glitter covered wool felt balls (2cm-2.5cm = sized vary)
- embroidery 1 needle
- 8 feet of sparkly embroidery floss to best match the glitter balls you selected.
- 1 muslin bag to store your garland in once finished.
- Felt balls are handmade and may vary in size... most are 2cm-2.5cm
- We recommend spacing the 28 felt balls 2.5" apart from each other.
- Made in the USA