Welcome Baby Bib

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A Baby Bib,

For the spits of fresh milk,

For the dribble of new teeth,

For the spills of first bites.

A Baby Bib,



Welcome Baby Bib by oFFBeatBaminos, Seattle WA, USA


• Terry Cloth Swath, for comfortable wipes and added grab.

• 100% Durable Cotton

• Machine wash

• Wear Often!

• Approx: 0-18months


Creating Quilts creates fabric scraps. I Re-Use that scrap here, in these oFFBeat Bibs.

Much like the quilts from which they have branched, no two are alike in color combos or pattern variations. Although Off Beat Bambino does follow a consistent design which includes a 3-part front panel, endowed with a terry cloth swath and solid back panel for strong structure. The varieties are endless and the combos are full of colorful play. And of course paired for compliment.