Magical Mama Sitzbath

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Firethorne's Sitzbath Sachets come in packages of three 1 oz. 'tea' bags for convenient and easy use. Containing a unique blend of sea salt and ten herbs known for their astringent, toning, and soothing qualities that help heal tender post-natal and perineal tissues. Also helpful for varicosities and swollen or irritated tissues during pregnancy, or at any time.

Preparing a herbal sitzbath is as easy as brewing a pot of tea. Simply boil water, infuse the sitzbath herb bag, and prepare your bath by adding this infusion to your soaking water. Each bag may be used for more than one sitzbath, depending on the strength of infusion desired. Another suggested use is to soak a menstrual pad in the infusion and then chill or freeze to make a comforting postnatal compress for the perineal area, providing soothing, anti-inflammatory relief. Additionally, the infusion may be used in a spray or squirt bottle, and applied as necessary after using the bathroom, following delivery.

Ingredients: Certified Organic or wildcrafted herbs of comfrey leaf, comfrey root, chamomile, goldenseal root, marshmallow root, myrrh gum powder, sage, witch hazel bark, yarrow flower, uva-ursi, and fine sea salt.