Runt Farm - Under New Management

Runt Farm - Under New Management

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Runt Farm - Under New Management
by Seattle Author Amanda Lorenzo

In this first book of the Runt Farm series, Farmer Brunt’s truck zooms away forever. while tough-guy Kitten hides in the barn loft, delighted to have the place all to himself.

A day later Kitten meets The Peep, a hatchling duck with issues. Having imprinted upon and claimed Kitten as his parent, The Peep presents his paternal buddy with a surprise gift, revealing a hidden talent with reeds and weeds. When two highly intelligent lab mice, Cletus and Tooth, show up the duckling and cat welcome them into the barn. As the mice engage in vocabulary-building banter, the barn gains a herb-savvy kitchen and a workshop from which strange inventions emerge.

But living together isn’t always a picnic. As the multi-species group learns to make room for their differences they become a family, proving that home is where you find it.

“The Runt Farm books are filled with hope and humor, showing children a family of characters who don't "match" but who take each other into their hearts and make a fine life together. The stories are a good counterbalance to the idea that there are only limited templates dictating who we can love and take care of.”
--Ann Medlock, Founder, The Giraffe Heroes Project

“My daughter and I loved reading these books together. Funny and fun, and totally charming. We had so much fun we may have even missed the fact that we learned a thing or two.”
-- Maddy and Lewis Buzbee, author of Steinbeck’s Ghost

“The Runt Farm books are delightful! The characters have vibrant personalities and their interactions ring true. I felt a real sense of satisfaction seeing the Runt Farmers find their way to harmony and collaboration. The illustrations are alive with subtlety, drawing you in. Readers of any age will love hanging out on Runt Farm.”
--Jack Elias, CHT, author of
Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP