What is transformation? We see it everyday, all around us. Whether swiftly or slowly, everything around us continues to transform all the time. Children are born and grow up in the most astounding ways. Our community is growing and changing to adapt to new conditions all the time, too.


Behind the transformation in each entity is a driving force. We might call it a force of "becoming" because it pulls and pushes each thing toward becoming the next step in existence. When a caterpillar enters it's cocoon, does it know what it will become? What drives the impulse for the chrysalis? When babies are born, how much do mother and child direct the process, and how much is simply experienced as the forces of birth play out? Does a butterfly remember being a caterpillar?

In our lives we experience transformations in other ways, too. Perhaps we experience it when moving from one city to another. I moved to Seattle from Nevada in the late 90s. Our lives are certainly transformed when we have children. I have four beautiful children. Bootyland Kids is also undergoing a transformation. We are changing our venue and our offering to be more flexible and allow for collaborations with other providers and venues.


Retail spaces allow us to connect with people while picking up a few necessities or finding the perfect gift. Whether you find yourself in a small town or large city, retail spaces are part of the fabric for our communities. Over the span of 23 years, Bootyland Kids has been a space where creative kids and families have converged. In that time, we have all seen our families grow. It has been a lovely way to create community and connect with like-minded people.


In this month of July, Bootyland Kids will transform in several key ways:

Our website at is migrating to a new online platform to improve your online experience.

The Wallingford location will be closing its doors at the end of July, but we're going out with a bang! We are closing our physical location in Wallingford Center and moving the shop online, with a concierge service, and additional amenities.

Here at Bootyland Kids, we are looking forward to expanding collaborations with local shops while we grow our house product lines: Nesh and Deaming.


In house line introductions


Nesh - Our line of organic cotton layette made in the Pacific Northwest from the softest


Deaming - Sustainable clothing line for women and children, comprising a mix of amazing basics that blend fashion and function with signature pieces that add flare to any wardrobe.

Blending vintage, modern designs with delights from the fringes.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection