Meeting SoSuzette

– A Local  Maker Splash – Meeting SoSuzette – 
Meeting Nicole Vasquez the maker of SoSuzette was inspiring.
Her daughter Lady Paloma is so cute and truly her own just like her Mama.
It is great to see a family live and breathe who they are. Building on that creatively as well
as through the moments they have together; Essentially a creative flare and inspiring
Styles that are sweet, classic, and versatile.
Urban baby bonnets
Just so bloomers
Japanese monkey pants
The perfect toddler Prairie Dress
Reversible Pinafore Top
What part of childhood are you capturing in the look of your designs?
Childhood is full of exploration, discovery and practice of movement. Clothes should be easy to move in, wear well and be able to be passed down to another child. I look back to vintage children’s clothing for inspiration. Clothes with simple lines and classic fabrics. Cotton, linen and wool – fabrics from nature. They breathe and wear beautifully. Childhood is a fun time – full of silly moments and laughter. When choosing patterns I try to put myself into the kids shoes and pick fabrics that have whimsy and XX in them.
Can you paint that picture for us?
All SoSuzette pieces are created with the consideration of the ease of child movement. This means our dresses are a bit oversized, our pants and bloomers are generous for crawling, kneeling, and climbing and our hats provide sun and cold weather protection without being cumbersome.
What helps keep you creatively motivated?
I am inspired by the past and the present. On trips I love looking in antique stores for beautifully made items – lace, woodwork, pottery. All of these require a hands touch and a love of making. These references to our past – to when all things were made by hand – it is truly inspiring. I am also excited about the present. How hand crafts are on the rise. Where you can find things to wear and for your home that someone put in time and passion to make. There are so many places to seek out these new made items – local stores, Etsy, travels abroad. To me it feels so amazing to be a maker. To know that each item I make had my hands on it – and I made it because I truly loved it. And that it will be great joy to the wearer is such inspiration.
What makes so suzette?
SoSuzette really is a part of me. This children’s line all started with a bonnet on my daughter in a park. She is my muse and I love seeing my designs come alive with her. I think staying true to myself is a big part of SoSuzette and the happiness I feel creating each item. In the beginning I was unsure if my true aesthetic could be something people were interested in. So I dabbled in patterns and fabric that were more of the moment. It didn’t feel right for me. And I felt a little lost for awhile. I had to really search inside myself so that I could believe my aesthetic was where I should be focused.
What is the ideal?
My ideal. Babes in bonnets and pilot hats all the time! Fabrics that are woven not just knits. Linen, cotton and wool as basics for a babes wardrobe. Fabrics that are considered. Darker colors as basics.