16th Aniversary (August 11th 2011)

Bootyland began in 1995, It has been a hub for creative families. Given that Bootyland has been around for 16 years, you would assume that we would have had a launch party sooner. Yet, with the babies being born, the buying out of the other business owner that Ellie had originally bought the  company with and the tides rolling in, we just haven’t gotten around to the celebration of the wonderful success of Bootyland. Bootyland has been a part of my life, long before I started working here.
I remember the days when I was pregnant and I was super scared (cause I had no idea what I was getting myself into), I would come into Bootyland and sit in the rocking chair reading up on the joys and woes of parenting. I remember I bought my first  parenting book “Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn” and wooden teething ring from Allison! She happens to be the Manager and has worked at the Land of Booty for about 1o years. It’s funny the little things we remember, like the people whom eased  us into parenthood. The nurse whom told us it only gets easier and all the friends whom, literally rolled over with laughter when told that you want them present at the birth.
Throughout all the people that have made my life as parent easier, BOOTYLAND has been the bestfriend, staying up with you when your son spikes a fever, telling you what they recommend you to do to decrease his fever. Or when he gets hives from eating oyster sauce, or his first ear infection, or how the hell do I wrap these f-in diaper covers. BOOTYLAND has been the beacon of all beacons for going through parenting with style as well as ease knowing that whatever you get from Bootyland is safe for the wee babies we cherish from the moment we meet them. AS well as safe for the environment that we live in. So, hats off to bootyland and to all the customers that have made this neighborhood shop,  my and your new family!  So come on down on Thursday, August 11th at 3pm and join in on the festivities as we give a big shout out to all the wonderful customers that have made BOOTYLAND  a success.
Please come celebrate our 11th anniversary with us at our Eleven Party this Thursday, Aug 11th at 3:00. We will have a fashion show, face painting, a DJ, and more. We look forward to seeing you all there for a great time!
“I am so happy to have had a business on capitol Hill for the last 11
years. As the visual landscape shifts we still see inspiring neighbors and
families come through the doors.During the last eleven years I have been able to meet and know so many
inspiring people and and families. From all of the customers, co -crew,
local artists and small businesses. Our memories are flooded with faces
and stories.  After 11 years we still find ourselves saying we are have
the most awesome customers and have had pleasure to see such inspiring
families grow.A few years ago I read an article in the new york times the discussed
how local shops provide more that just goods and services. The small
businesses in an urban environment create places for people to connect. It
is a place where you meet your neighbors or those with common ideals. It
reflects the richness of the culture.”- Ellie Cassidy